Support Music Worcester and Help Yourself to a Portrait

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Whether you want your portrait created at home, the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, the rocky shores of Gloucester or at a location of your own choosing, so long as your portrait is created anywhere between the Worcester area and the coastline of Massachusetts there won’t be any added fees for travel or mileage — at any time of year.  But as seasons pass, so will this offer.  All portrait sessions must occur no later than August 31, 2017.

In addition to helping yourself to a great portrait(s), 15% of whatever you purchase, – whether it be portraits, matting, canvassing, mouse pads, coffee cups or frames – will be donated in your name to Music Worcester — thereby helping yourself twice by also supporting an organization that brings so much to central Massachusetts.

Start the ball rolling by scheduling a time to chat on the phone with Jim Dwyer, owner of Dwyer Photography, about what you want, his suggestions for how to make the most of your portrait session, and any questions you may have.  Call 781-326-8916 (or you can E-mail him at to schedule your time to chat with Jim.