The pricing of my portraits is a combination of minimum purchase (for smaller prints) and cost per portrait ordered.

With the exception of a client who presents one of the many gift certificates I have donated to auctions, the first two prints (from wallet-size portraits up to where the longest side is 14 inches) are priced at $595 each. Clients who have won a gift certificate receive the first print at whatever the value is of the gift certificate, and the second print (again, where the longest side is no more than 14 inches) is priced at $595.

Once that minimum is met, prices for smaller prints (from wallet size to where the longest side is no longer than 14 inches) cost substantially less (4×5 to 11×4 range from $95 to $495). I describe these print sizes on my price list (which I give to clients when we first meet) as “Desk Portraits”.

The exception to this is when a client purchases what I describe on my price list as “Wall Portraits”. The smallest Wall Portrait has a side that is no longer than 16 inches and the largest Wall Portrait has a side that is no longer than sixty inches. Because the price range is $1,595 to $5,295, when one acquires a wall portrait there is no minimum when purchasing Desk Portraits i.e. clients automatically receive the lowest price for each individual print (depending, of course, on the quantity ordered e.g. frequently there are substantial discounts when a quantity of prints are purchased for use in Christmas or Chanukah cards).

All Wall Portraits, unless a client requests otherwise, are mounted on a canvas, and all retouching that Dwyer deems reasonable is included.

It must be noted that clients who acquire a collage (where several Desk Portraits are printed on one sheet of photographic paper) are not charged Wall Portrait prices even though the collage may well be as large as a Wall Portrait. There is, however, an additional Art Fee for creating the collage.